What is a traditional Mexican dress?


Traditional Mexican Dresses are dresses worn by Mexican women who are stylish, embroidered with unique designs that have Mexican art and are called typical dresses. They vary from Modern Mexican traditional dress to Mayan clothing. These dresses are used in religious, patriotic or cultural celebrations. For instance Tabasco Traditional Dress, Michoacán Traditional Dress and Campeche Traditional Dress that are worn by different cultures without Mexico.
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The suit of "charro" is representative of Mexico for the men. It takes to incrustations of silver or gold and the most distinguished it is the great hat, named of four blows
The era between 476 and 221 B.C. was called the Warring Period in China. The warriors would put two ho-bird feathers into their head wear. The ho bird was a type of pheasant and was
Typical women clothing includes a skirt, a \"huipil\" (a kind of sleeve-less tunic), a \"quechquémitl\" (a closed shoulder cape) and a \"rebozo\"
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What Is Traditional Mexican Dress?
Traditional Mexican clothing combines native and European influences, with a particular focus on the use of textiles made locally. Particularly for the women, embroidery and woven designs were popular, and outfits were colorful and patterned.... More »
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