What is transfer RNA?


Transfer RNA is a molecule that go or transfers to certain amino acids. During translation of the protein synthesis, Transfer RNA is the chain process in ribosomes.
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n. ( Abbr. tRNA ) One of a class of RNA molecules that transport amino acids to ribosomes for incorporation into a polypeptide undergoing synthesis.
It transfers amino acids to polypeptide chains.
Transfer RNA has a primary structure and secondary structure (usually
Precursor mRNA Messenger RNA is synthesized from a DNA template in the nucleus of a cell. This process is called transcription, which simply means the synthesis of RNA from DNA (switching
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transfer RNA
a small RNA molecule, consisting of a strand of nucleotides folded into a clover-leaf shape, that picks up an unattached amino acid within the cell cytoplasm and conveys it to the ribosome for protein synthesis. Abbreviation: tRNA
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Transfer RNA is a molecule that transfers an amino acid to the ribosomes. It contains up to ninety five nucleotides and is apart of protein synthesis.
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