What is transfer RNA?


Transfer RNA is a molecule that go or transfers to certain amino acids. During translation of the protein synthesis, Transfer RNA is the chain process in ribosomes.
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tRNA mediates recognition of the codon and provides the corresponding amino acid. It mainly is recognized for carrying amino acids. It then gives to it mRNA to translate the nucleotides
1. Gel staining--Gel staining is carried out prior to transfer to ensure that RNA is present in the gel and has migrated to the correct size and with sufficient separation. It is
Transfer RNA is involved in protein synthesis in that it brings the correct amino acid to the
what is RNA?
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transfer RNA
a small RNA molecule, consisting of a strand of nucleotides folded into a clover-leaf shape, that picks up an unattached amino acid within the cell cytoplasm and conveys it to the ribosome for protein synthesis. Abbreviation: tRNA
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Transfer RNA is a molecule that transfers an amino acid to the ribosomes. It contains up to ninety five nucleotides and is apart of protein synthesis.
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