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Transportation is the movement of goods and people from one place to another. The modes of transport used are air, roads, cables and railways. Transportation is vital because it enhance trade between people and countries which in turn establishes civilization and good relations.
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Transportation managers are part of the transportation industry, whether as customers of transportation vendors or bosses of employees with transportation responsibilities. The transportation
Transport is something that carries people or cargo.
I certainly hope that transportation achieves Vision Zero - no fatalities or injuries. That's why I started this group on LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/g. roups/V.
lots and lots of things. Cell transport systems are very complicated. But for a short answer, probably either "endoplasmic reticulum" or "embedded proteins"
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the act of transporting.
the state of being transported.
the means of transport or conveyance.
the business of conveying people, goods, etc.
price of travel or transport by public conveyance; fare.
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Transportation is the action of relocating something, either an object or people, from one location to another. The word could also mean the mechanism composed of the means and equipment required for the movement of goods or passengers.
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