What is tree sap made of?


Tree sap is made of water with sugars and mineral salts dissolved in it. Different species of trees have different sap profiles. Maple sap is edible, but the sap produced by other trees is inedible or even toxic.

Botanists divide sap into two types: phloem sap and xylem sap. Phloem sap travels from sugar-rich areas of the tree to areas that are sugar-poor. In practice, this means that the sap flows from the leaves to the trunk and roots. Xylem sap, on the other hand, is rich in nutrients from the outside environment and travels upward from roots to leaves.

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There are two main types of sap: xylem sap and phloem sap. Xylem sap flows up from roots to shoots through the xylem tissue in the wood of the tree trunk, while phloem sap flows down
Tree sap is the fluid transported in xylem cells of a tree. Tree sap is used in your everyday
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What Is Tree Sap Made of?
Like all other plants, trees transport water and minerals from roots to shoots and sugar from the leaves to other parts of the tree. Fluids carrying nutrients and sugars in the tree are called sap.... More »
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