What Is Trench Foot?


Trench foot is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to cold, damp, and unsanitary conditions. Advanced trench foot often involves blisters and open sores that usually lead to fungal infection. Trench foot is easily prevented by keeping the feet warm and dry.
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trench foot
injury of the skin, blood vessels, and nerves of the feet due to prolonged exposure to cold and wet, common among soldiers serving in trenches.
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Trench foot is a medical condition in which a person's feet feel itchy and painful. This condition causes swelling, numbness, and pain in the feet.
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1. Measure the size of the trench footing with a steel tape measure. For example, a trench footing in a warm climate may be one foot wide, 30 inches deep and 40 feet long. 2. Multiply
n. A condition of the foot resembling frostbite, caused by prolonged exposure to cold and dampness and often affecting soldiers in trenches. [From its occurrence among soldiers in
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Trench foot was a foot infection that soldiers in trenches in WW1 suffered as an effect of cold, unsanitary and wet conditions in the trenches that caused the ...
There were many diseases that men developed while stuck in the trenches during World War 1. One of the most prominent was called Trench Foot. Trench foot was ...
Trench foot is caused by cold, wet and insanitary conditions. This may be as a result to prolonged constriction of the feet in shoes or prolonged exposure of feet ...
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