What Is Trigonometry Used for?


Trigonometry is applied throughout mathematics, and because mathematics is applied all through the social and natural sciences, trigonometry has several applications. Calculus, statistics and linear algebra, particularly apply trigonometry and have several applications in all the sciences.
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Trigonometry is used in various disciplines, such as geography to measure the distance between places. Trigonometry is also used in other fields, such as the following: astronomy, electrical engineering, and meteorology.
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Plane trigonometry is the study of triangles which are defined in ratios. They are used mostly by surveyors and navigators and sometimes in physical and life science ...
Trigonometry does have real life applications such as music, architecture and is also associated with navigation. This can include astronomy, cartography, mapping ...
The very first recordings or the use of trigonometry date back to the ancient Greeks one of which whose name was Hipparchus who was an astronomer in 127 BC. ...
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