What Is Turquoise Worth?


Turquoise is a blue or green mineral which is rare and valuable which is also called gems and ornamental stone. Turquoise ornaments are available at amazon.co.uk, and their prices range from £5.87 to £150 depending on the product.
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It depends on the grade of the turquoise, but a pound can be worth right around
I'm not sure how much it is worth but my guess is not a whole lot. This is because on the Mohs scale of hardness(diamond being 10) it ranks only a 5. This means it can chip. The best
I could probably give you a fair idea, but I'd need to see it. (I live in New Mexico, and see tons of indian made jewelry.) The quality and rarity of the stones would be part of it,
I go by what monsters are in the tins, not the color, just so you know. The 3 tins that came out recently contain Cyber Dragon, Elemental Hero Neos, and one of the sacred beasts (
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The worth of turquoise varies between regions and the value is determined by its colour, hardness, inclusions, rarity, treatments, polish/finish and size. Mostly, the bigger the piece of turquoise the more valuable it is. The lowest value is estimated to be can be £13 whilst the highest value is at least £4,389.37.
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