What Is Twitter and How Does It Work?


Twitter is a social networking site. It also functions as a blogging services that allows users to post updates often referred to as tweets, and these tweets can be as long as 140 characters. You will need internet on your phone or computer to be able to access twitter.
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1. Getting started making friends on Twitter is easy. First, open up your internet browser and type in http://www.twitter.com You will arrive at Twitter's home page. Up in the right
How does Twitter work? Twitter is an interesting little social-media Web site, and it's pretty easy to use. What Is Twitter, Anyway? Twitter is a platform for micro-blogging, or posting
1 Once you sign up for Twitter, you need to find friends that you share an interest with. If you play the piano and love it, locate other piano players. If you are crazy about crocheting
1. Log in to your Twitter account. 2. Scroll into the second column on your homepage. At the top below your thumbnail, at the far right, it will say “Number Listed.” Click
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What Is Twitter & How Does it Work?
Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows users to send and receive short messages, known as tweets. A tweet is a text-based microblog post of up to 140 characters. Twitter debuted in 2006, and has become extremely popular. As... More »
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Twitter is a social networking site that allows it's users to 'tweet' their thoughts through text messages or online. You can 'tweet' what you are thinking in ...
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