What Is Typhoid Fever?


Typhoid fever, commonly known as typhoid, is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi. It is contracted by eating food or drink that has been touched by a person who carries the bacteria.
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an infectious, often fatal, febrile disease, usually of the summer months, characterized by intestinal inflammation and ulceration, caused by the typhoid bacillus, which is usually introduced with food or drink.
resembling typhus; typhous.
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Thomas Willis made the first discovery of typhoid fever in the year of 1659. The description,and symptoms of the disease wasn't translated into English until some 25 years later.
1. Go to the emergency room as soon as you suspect that you've contracted typhoid fever. While a doctor may have the ability to treat typhoid fever, the illness can be quite destructive
Typhoid fever is a common epidemic, but luckily there are measures to take against it. To prevent it proper disposal is advised. Try to anti-fly proof your house, and drink water
1 The primary indication of typhoid infection is persistent, high fever in the range of 103° to 104° F (39° to 40° C). Additional symptoms and indicators include headache
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Typhoid fever is an illness caused by ingesting food contaminated with the bacteria Salmonellae typhi. The condition is best treated with antibiotics and proper ...
Typhoid fever is an infection that is characterized by voluminous watery diarrhea and a rash. It is most commonly caused by a type of bacteria known as Salmonella ...
Typhoid fever is caused by the virulent bacterium Salmonella typhi. The bacteria that causes typhoid fever can be spread through contaminated food, water, and ...
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