What does "underdevelopment" mean?


Depending on its reference, underdevelopment means lacking monetary value or being undersized in some manner. This term is used to describe economic areas, and photographers use it to describe a negative reaction to their photo development process.

In economic terms, underdevelopment refers to an area that does not have enough money to sustain the region. It can also refer to the size of a location, such as a neighborhood, that is lacking development like additional buildings or amenities like water and electricity.

Photographers use the term underdevelopment to refer to a picture that was not left in a developing solution long enough, which leads to an image that is lacking contrast.

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Underdevelopment is a relative term. It depends on what one views development or as being developed. One may term a particular country/or group of countries as being an underdeveloped
Throughout the 20th century, there have been two general approaches to underdevelopment: modernization and dependency. Modernization holds that the third world remains without substantial
( ¦ən·dər·də¦vel·əp·mənt ) (graphic arts) Insufficient development of a photographic print; processing to a degree
underdevelopment: state of inadequate development; (photography) inadequate processing of film resulting in inadequate contrast
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to develop (something) short of the required amount: to underdevelop film.
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