What Is Uranus Made of?


Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that was named after a figure in Greek mythology rather than Roman mythology. Discovered in 1781, Uranus, is made up of 85 percent hydrogen and 15 percent helium.
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helium and nitron gases and little pebbly rocks and other space junk.
Hydrogen, helium, molecular hydrogen, ammonia and methane (which gives it the blue/green color) It has a rocky core and an ice mantle surrounding that.
Uranus is composed primarily of rock and various ices, with only about
In the begining, Gaia the Mother Earth bore Uranus - Sky, Ourea - Montains and Pontos - Sea. Gaia and Uranus have got plenty of children, but Uranus hated them. The youngest son of
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Uranus most likely has a rocky core. It has a top layer of liquid composed of hydrogen, helium and water with trace amounts of ammonia and methane. Uranus does not have a crust.
Jupiter is made up of many different ices. Water, ammonia and methane are the most common. The rest of Uranus is made up of a rocky material.
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