What Is Uranus Made of?


Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that was named after a figure in Greek mythology rather than Roman mythology. Discovered in 1781, Uranus, is made up of 85 percent hydrogen and 15 percent helium.
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Uranus is far from the sun, residing in the cold outer reaches of the solar system. It is a giant ball of gas, ice and liquid. According to Nasa.gov, scientists believe the surface
helium and nitron gases and little pebbly rocks and other space junk
The outermost epsilon ring is made up of mostly of ice boulders. There is a
10 pts to the 1st answer!!! Uranus is big. It is 4 times the size of Earth and could contain 63 Earths inside it; yet it has only 14.5 times the mass of Earth. So the material it
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Uranus most likely has a rocky core. It has a top layer of liquid composed of hydrogen, helium and water with trace amounts of ammonia and methane. Uranus does not have a crust.
Jupiter is made up of many different ices. Water, ammonia and methane are the most common. The rest of Uranus is made up of a rocky material.
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