What is urbanization?


Urbanization is the physical growth of the urban areas due to the global change. It is closely linked to industrialization and modernization and the process of rationalization. Urbanization occurs naturally from the individual and other corporate efforts to reduce time and expense in commuting and to improve jobs and education.
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Urbanisation is the process in which the number of people living in the cities increases compared to the rural population.Urbanisation is most rapid in 3rd word country's.
Urbanisation is what occurs when the rural character of a town is gradually replaced by housing and industrial developments, resulting in more suburbs. Essentially, it is an increase
urbanised: made urban in nature
urbanisation: the condition of being urbanized; the social process whereby cities grow and societies become more urban
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the act or fact of urbanizing, or taking on the characteristics of a city: Urbanization has led to more air pollution and increasing childhood asthma.
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Urbanisation almost sounds like a type of hands sanitizer, but not really. Urbanisation deals mostly with rural communities that gradually move toward a developing city due to global change. This process has been happening for centuries as people moved away from country areas to the cities where there are more jobs, better schools, and better medical care available.
Urbanization is the physical growth of urban areas as a result of global change. It is also defined by the United Nations as movement of people from the rural to the urban areas.
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