What Is Urbanization?


Urbanization is the concentration of human populations into isolated areas, leading to transformation of land into residential, commercial, industrial and transportation purposes.
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1. Select a sunny location. Greenhouses need sunshine. Choose a location with southern exposure. Rooftops, empty or underdeveloped lots, balconies and patios are all potential greenhouse
urban is like the city (big places) Urban is a city where there are lots of people rushing around.
1. Think about all the possible places to locate your tale of horror. You could set the story in a factory, an alleyway, a residence, a school, or the lonely deserted business district
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the act or fact of urbanizing, or taking on the characteristics of a city: Urbanization has led to more air pollution and increasing childhood asthma.
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Urbanization is the physical growth of rural or natural land into urban areas as a result of population in-migration to an existing urban area. Effects include change in density and administration services.
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