What Is Used to Measure Force?


A force meter is the device that is used to measure force. This device comprises of a spring that is attached to a metallic hook, and the spring stretches when a force is applied to the hook. This force is measured in Newtons.
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A force-meter or a force gauge.
Force is defined as violence or power directed at a person or object. Constructive force consists of threats or intimidation used to prevent resistance or gain control over a person
A scale.like a bathroom scale, a fish weight scale, a balance beam scale, etc. These are used commonly the measure the force of gravity. The metrics are typically Newtons or pounds.
For force or stress: MPa (mega pascal) Nmm2 (Newton per square millimeter) is also used widely. These 2 units are equal in number. For toughness: J (joule) this is the right answer
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The unit used to measure force is called a Newton. The scientific notation of this is N. It is so named for Sir Isaac Newton, for his work in classical mechanics.
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