What is Venezuela famous for?


Venezuela is famous for many things, among which is oil, people, food and tourist attractions. Venezuela is one of the world's top oil producers, its major export. In fact it has 297 billion barrels in oil reserves.

Venezuela is famous for its people, including its great ethnic diversity. Citizens are from ethnic groups with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arab, African and indigenous ties. Yet, of all these different groups 96 percent consider themselves Roman Catholics. According to CNN, one of the most famous Venezuelans is Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela from 1998 to 2013 when he died of cancer. Prior to his presidency, Chavez attempted two unsuccessful coups. Venezuelans elected him president three times.

Venezuela is also famous for its food, among which are the popular desserts dulce de leche and flan. Dulce de leche is a thick caramel sauce made with sugar and milk, and flan is a sweet dessert with a gelatin-like consistency. Finally, Venezuela is famous for its stunning tourist attractions, such as Angel Falls and La Isla Margarita. Angel Falls is known as the largest waterfall in the world, measuring 3,211 feet and is located in the Canaima National Park. La Isla Margarita boasts crystalline waters and pristine beaches.

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I guess they should be famous for beautiful women as Venezuela has one about 5 or 6 Miss Universe contests. One of the most famous places in the country is Angel Falls.
angel falls,and pico bolivar.
Simon Bolivar, Angel Falls, Hugo Chavez, Miss Venezuela.
Seasons. Seasons are marked by rainfall rather than temperature. Venezuela has a rainy season from May through November and a dry season from December through April, which are referred
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While other South American countries are romanticized for the tango, Machu Picchu or Carnaval, Venezuela's international reputation swirls around oil, the brash political style of President Hugo ... More »
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