What Is Venue Management?


Preparing the venue and furniture ready for events; supervise and manage the clear down from events with the cleaning of equipment, venue and kitchen and the removal of rubbish and furniture.
3 Additional Answers
Venue management is the process of preparing a specified location and furniture in readiness for events. This process involves supervision and management of the designated venue by cleaning of equipment, site and kitchen. It also involves the removal of rubbish and unwanted furniture.
A venue is a person who organizes a plan of appearances of a musical group at a series of venues. They arrange by contacting local and long distant venues either by phone or email.
A venue manager is the person in-charge of attracting the right audience to an event, ensuring that events comply with the safety regulations and generally overseeing security. These managers are specialized in various areas such as sports, music and live entertainment among other areas. Venue managers usually coordinate all the activities in an event to ensure success.
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