What are vertebrates ?


Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone or spinal column and belong to the Chordata subphylum Vertebrata. The species of this subphylum include reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals and birds.

This subphylum consists of warm-blooded animals, such as mammals, and cold-blooded species, such as amphibians and reptiles. Likewise, there are very small and very large vertebrate animals in this subphylum, such as miniature frogs and gigantic blue whales.

Vertebrates make up about 3 percent of all species found on Earth. The most prevalent species on Earth are invertebrates, or animals that do not have a backbone. Invertebrates include arthropods, mollusks, crustaceans and insects.

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A vertebrate is an animal with a backbone (spine) and an invertebrate has no backbone, usually it has an exoskeleton. The classification of Vertebrates is comprised of mammals, birds
Vertebrata, or vertebrates, are a subphylum of the phylum called Chordata. Human beings, as well as most of the animals we experience in our everyday lives-mammals, birds, reptiles,
Vertebrate (adj) means 1. having a backbone or spinal column. (n) means 1.animals having a bony
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[vur-tuh-brit, -breyt]
having vertebrae; having a backbone or spinal column.
belonging or pertaining to the Vertebrata (or Craniata), a subphylum of chordate animals, comprising those having a brain enclosed in a skull or cranium and a segmented spinal column; a major taxonomic group that includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.
a vertebrate animal.
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