What Is Videoconference?


A video conference is a live connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication. It usually involves audio, text and video as well. Video conference allow for transmission of static images and text between two locations.
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[vid-ee-oh-kon-fer-uhns, -fruhns]
a teleconference conducted via television equipment.
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A videoconference is when two or more people (at different sites) participate in the telecommunication of video and audio. It usually requires a computer on each end with a microphone
1. Go to the ooVoo website (see Resources below) and download the proper version for your computer. Once the download is complete, install Oovoo on your Mac or PC. 2. Open ooVoo by
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The equipment that is needed for a video conference is a computer and webcam. The webcam is sometimes attached to the computer which is then used to see all the ...
I think it will become mainstream and believe that along with Cisco the top technology provider in the space will likely be Skype.

Particularly ...
To become a member, eligible applicants must establish a Videoconference Service Account and register each videoconference endpoint with eTech Ohio. See Applying ...
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