What Is Vincent Van Gogh Famous for?


Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his painting skills. He was a Dutch painter whose work had vivid colours and emotional impact which influenced the 20th century art. He battled mental illness and anxiety throughout his life and was shot dead at the age of 37.
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probably "starry night" of the song fame - but really just as famous is his sunflower paintings and self portraits. Starry Night. or. Sunflowers. or. Self Portrait. with
Van Gogh's most famous painting is arguably "Vase with 12 Sunflowers", other famed ones include "The Starry Night". He painted 1880/81 - 1890
Vincent Van Gogh made many achievements. Some were about art, and some not. The art ones were he was able to prove the art of vivid colours and somehow make his paintings weird.yet
Practically all of his paintings were oil paint on canvas.
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Vincent Van Gogh
The 19th-century painter Vincent Van Gogh is almost as famous for his mental instability as for his vivid paintings. Van Gogh's artistic style was fresh and astounding, with impressionistic bursts of color, rough brush strokes, and (as time went on)... More »
Born: March 30, 1853, Groot Zundert, Holland
Died: July 29, 1890
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A 19th-century painter, Van Gogh is almost as famous for his mental instability as for his vivid paintings. His career as an artist lasted only 10 years and coincided with frequent bouts of depression and anguish; in a famous 1888 incident he slashed off
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There are many of Vincent van Gogh's paintings that are famous. "The Starry Night," "Irises" and "Sunflowers" are a few of his most ...
Van Gogh did not have any children. He also never got married but he lived with a pregnant Dutch prostitute for sometime. He is believed to have died at the hands ...
Vincent van Gogh is a famous Dutch painter. There are a number of famous Dutch painters; Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent Van Gogh, and Johannes Vermeer are generally ...
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