What is vinegar?


Vinegar is an acidic liquid made by fermenting any fluid that contains ethanol. Ethanol is found in drinks such as wine, beer, champagne and apple cider.

According to About.com, bacteria in the form of a culture is introduced into the chosen liquid. The liquid is then fermented, allowing the bacteria to break down the ethanol into byproducts, the main byproduct being acetic acid. Vinegar is usually pasteurized before it is sold to kill off the bacteria that caused fermentation. Vinegar that is not pasteurized is called raw vinegar.

Other substances found in vinegar include vitamins, minerals and flavor compounds. Vinegar is used in cooking for the tart flavor it adds to food.

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Vinegar is a home remade and cure all for many things and it is great to cook with too. Vinegar is made from fermented ethanol there are two types of vinegar just regular vinegar
Vinegar is good for a pet's skin. Many skin ailments can be aided with the use of vinegar. It is a great skin conditioner, helping with dry skin and other problems. Used as a rinse
Vinegar has fruit in it, which is probably why you have fruit flies. Also, vinegar is acidic, meaning it contains acid. The type of acid it contains is acetic acid which releases
Balsamic vinegar is made from the must (unfermented freshly pressed grape juice including the skins and seeds) of the Trebbiano grapes grown in the rich vineyards of Emilia-Romagna,
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a sour liquid consisting of dilute and impure acetic acid, obtained by acetous fermentation from wine, cider, beer, ale, or the like: used as a condiment, preservative, etc.
Pharmacology a solution of a medicinal substance in dilute acetic acid, or vinegar.
sour or irritable speech, manner, or countenance: a note of vinegar in his voice.
Informal. vigor; high spirits; vim.
Source: Dictionary.com
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