What is vocational education?


Vocational education involves training designed to prepare students for work in a particular trade or industry. It is offered at secondary and post-secondary levels as well as through apprenticeships.

Vocational education is a rewarding option for students who do not wish to attend a four-year college but who still want to pursue education in a particular area of expertise. Examples of vocational education include cosmetology, agriculture, health occupations, business and office management, construction and auto repair. Students may elect to receive certification in these fields or simply to take courses that enable them to find work in a particular field. Completing a program in a vocational area generally takes far less time than receiving a college degree while still allowing students to gain expertise in lucrative job sectors.

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Vocational education training provides information to individuals that will allow them to be successful in a job. It can involve training on how to get the job, behave and dress while
Vocational Aim: Knowledge aim of education is narrow by nature. The theoretical knowledge will never meet our basic needs of life. We need bread and butter to fill up our belly. We
It is education that prepares people for professions that are non-academic and directly
It seems like a bad fit when Yale-educated Roger Phillips is hired over street-savvy Fonzie as the new principal of the George S. Patton Vocational High School, known for it's rampant
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vocational education
educational training that provides practical experience in a particular occupational field, as agriculture, home economics, or industry.
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