What Is Volleyball?


Volleyball is a sport played on different sides of a net and involves the striking of a ball from one side of the net to the other. The teams are made up of six people each and they each try to make the ball touch the ground on the opponent's side. Volleyball was invented in 1985.
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The team: Nine players were on each team. As they did not have to rotate, the same person could serve the entire match. The game: A team was declared the winner if it scored 21 points
A volleyball is a round spherical object that is filled with air to give is bouncablity and make it able to pass easily. Usually comes in a variety of sizes and colours. hot chicks
International Volleyball 2009 wasnt overly horrid ( http://download.cnet.com. /Interna. : There really hasnt been a decent computer volleyball game since kings of the beach on Amiga
When playing volleyball, you need to hit over the net. Therefore, there are "penalties" if the ball rolls under the net or hits the net rather than over it.
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a game for two teams in which the object is to keep a large ball in motion, from side to side over a high net, by striking it with the hands before it touches the ground.
the ball used in this game.
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