What Is Volumetric Analysis Used for?


Volumetric analysis is used in high school and college laboratories to determine the concentrations of unknown substances. The titran (the known solution) is added to a known quantity of analyte (unknown solution). Volumetric analysis could also be the analysis of a gas by volume.
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Volumetric analysis is a chemical procedure that is used for determining the concentration of a solution where a known volume of a solution of an unknown concentration is reacted with a known volume of a solution of known concentration. This technique is known as titration and often an indicator is used to illustrate when the right proportions have reacted. This procedure is used for acid–base, redox, and other reactions involving solutions.
Volumetric analysis simply means analysis of a gas by volume. As the name suggests, this method entails the amount of volume of a solution of identified concentration which is used to establish the concentration of the analyte.
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