What Is Wap Push on a Mobile Phone?


A WAP Push is an SMS message which contains a link to a WAP page. When a compatible handset receives a WAP Push message, it allows the user to access that WAP content.
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A mobile phone is a phone that can be used outside of your home and it does not need a cord attached to the phone or the phone to work.
1. Navigate to the APN settings on your mobile phone. For example, if you are using an Android phone, tap "Settings, "Wireless & Networks, and "Mobile Networks.
We don't call them WAP sites any more as they are just mobile versions of websites. It's the mobile web. The average CPM will vary by market. Assuming you are in the US where rates
WAP Push allows a content server to push content to a WAP 1.2 enabled handset proactively. ChaCha!
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In mobile phones, WAP Push refers to SMS within the header of which a link is included to a WAP address. On receiving a WAP Push, a compatible mobile handset then gives the user the option to access the content on his handset.
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WAP or 'wireless internet' on a mobile phone is a feature that means that the phone has software for a mini-browser. This software aids in navigation through various ...
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