What Is Water Polo?


Water polo is a team water sport consisting of six field players and one goalkeeper. It has strong similarities to the land-based game of handball. Game play involves swimming, treading and players passing the ball while being defended by opponents.
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water polo
an aquatic game played by two teams of seven swimmers each, the object being to score goals by pushing, carrying, or passing an inflated ball and tossing it into the opponent's goal, defended by a goalkeeper.
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You play water polo in the pool. You use 2 goals at each end of pool. You swim and pass the ball to you teammates and trow the ball in goal to score.
1. Improve your speed. Water polo is all about swimming and if you can get to the ball a few seconds faster than the next man you're going to be that much better. 2. Get a good grip
some rules can not touching the ball with two hands, not touching the wall, not touching the floor on the shallow end of a pool. CAN NOT DROWN OPPOSING PLAYERS well at least not in
1 Pick up the ball from under the water. Never pick the ball up from the top by palming it. In a game you will get called for 'ball under' if the defense pushes your hand down before
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