What Is Water Resistance?


Water resistance may be used to refer to water proofing which is making of objects that can resist ingress of water. For example some watches are designed to be water resistant and this is usually stated on the case back. In swimming, water resistance is used to refer to the force that water has and this force makes the swimmer to work extra hard.
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depending on the surface area and speed of the object, the air/water pressures the object, slowing it down.
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Water Resistance means that the object is resistant to water. You will see this a lot of times on watches. Some watches are designed to be water resistance in a shower or a swimming pool.
Water resistance means that something will not break if it is put into water for a certain amount of time or pressure. If you put something that is water resistance into water all of the time, it may not hold up, but a little water should not hurt it.
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