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Wax as a noun refers to a sticky yellow substance that is usually secreted by bees. It is also referred to as beeswax. It is usually used in the making of candles. Wax as a verb refers to the act of covering or treating a surface as a way of polishing or protecting it.
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While a home waxing kit can be purchased at any drugstore, most people choose to have waxing performed by an esthetician or cosmetologist at a salon or day spa. The process is actually
Ear wax is a natural layer of protection for your child's eardrum, and in most cases does not need to be removed at all. Earwax is also known as cerumen, and it helps keep ears clean
Waxing is a semi-permanent method for the removal of hair, removing hair from the root. Waxing is taking something like a cloth or strip of paper, (the underneath covered in a sort
I'm gonna guess: a simple way to waterproof something that is inherently not waterproof. Sails don't need it, but awnings and early foul weather gear would. I think those Lee Van
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a solid, yellowish, nonglycerine substance allied to fats and oils, secreted by bees, plastic when warm and melting at about 145°F, variously employed in making candles, models, casts, ointments, etc., and used by bees in constructing their honeycomb.
any of various similar substances, as spermaceti or the secretions of certain insects and plants.
any of a group of substances composed of hydrocarbons, alcohols, fatty acids, and esters that are solid at ordinary temperatures.
cerumen; earwax.
a resinous substance used by shoemakers for rubbing thread.
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