What Is WCC Steel?


WCC steel is a type of steel. The WC stands for 'wrought carbon' with the third letter indicating the grade. The higher the grade the higher the yield strength.
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They are all ASTM A 216 Cast Carbon Steel metals that vary in composition. See this web-site. http://www.dickson-hdw.com/casting.htm.
hello ... if u study a216 ..u can find 3 grades..wca,wcb and wcc..there are different based in diferernt alloy material and. tensile strength. and diferent percent of carbon.....wcc
WCC offers over 1,100 credit classes that you can apply toward a degree or certificate or
Process. The mini mill steel production process has several stages. Ferrous scrap is refined and melted in the EAF, after which the molten steel is often further refined in a ladle
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