What Is WD 40 Made of?


WD-40 is a spray that can be used for a number of reasons that include lubricating automotive parts and releasing rusty bolts. It is made from petroleum distillates. Ingredients include Stoddard solvent, liquefied petroleum gas, and mineral oil.
Q&A Related to "What Is WD 40 Made of"
The ingredients for WD40 are a trade secret. It is thought to contain hexane, liquid petroleum
WD-40's main ingredients, according to U.S. Material Safety Data Sheet information, are: 50% Stoddard solvent (i.e. mineral spirits - primarily hexane, somewhat similar to kerosene)
WD-40 will have no effect on the walls in your home. The spray is meant to create a barrier between grease and the surface material. Thus, the spray is not greasy and will actually
WD-40 is great for slowly destroying door hinges, stripping anti-friction coatings off moving parts, stripping paint, damaging locks, and dissolving any REAL lubricants that might
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