What Is Wedging Clay?


Wedging clay is the process of preparing clay for use. If the clay is not wedged, it will have an uneven texture that will make it hard and difficult to work with. In the extreme cases, unwedged clay is going to explode the kiln ruining other pieces that are being fired.
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Clay wedging is the act of preparing clay for the pottery wheel in order throw your pottery.
Cut off a slice of clay from the larger block of clay using your wire tool. Weigh the clay on your scale. It is best to start with a 2 to 3 pound piece of clay while learning this
"Wedging in clay" is talking about shaping a piece of wet clay by p...
Clay is a naturally occurring material, primarily made up of fine-grained minerals and water. When the right amount of moisture is present, clay can be molded and shaped. When dried
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