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The term whelping refers to the process of giving birth particularly by dogs. This term is a noun that is derived from the word whelp, which refers to various canines of young animals such as a dog or wolf.
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[hwelp, welp]
the young of the dog, or of the wolf, bear, lion, tiger, seal, etc.
a youth, especially an impudent or despised one.
(of a female dog, lion, etc.) to give birth to (young).
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Whelping is the process in which a dog gives birth to a puppy. Whelping is also used to refer to the puppy which lacks the ability to see, hear or regulate their body temperature.
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A whelp is usually the term given to dogs or puppies that were recently born. Other animals that could be called whelps are seals, wolves, bears, or lions.
A whelp is a baby moose.
1. Set out a time line for the impending birth when you find out that your boxer is pregnant. A boxer's gestation period is between 63 and 65 days from breeding. Use a calendar to
(hwĕlp, wĕlp) n. A young offspring of a mammal, such as a dog or wolf. A child; a youth. An impudent young fellow. A tooth of a sprocket wheel. Nautical. Any of the ridges
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A whelp is the young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf. A whelp can also mean boy or young man (often as a disparaging form of address). ...
The verb 'whelped' refers to the act of giving birth to a whelp. A whelp is a name usually given to the young one of an animal such as that of a wolf or dog. ...
Knowing how to whelp puppies means that you will help the mother dog give birth. It's important to talk to your vet first, so you know how many puppies there are ...
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