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Whitehall is a street in Westminster in London, England. It is the main route running north from Parliament Square, towards traditional Charing Cross, now at the southern end of Trafalgar Square and marked by the statue of Charles I, which is often regarded as the heart of London.
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[hwahyt-hawl, wahyt-]
a former palace in central London, England, originally built in the reign of Henry III: execution of Charles I, 1649.
the main thoroughfare in London, England, between Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament.
the British government or its policies.
a city in central Ohio, near Columbus.
a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
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Whitehall is a road in Westminster in which many government ministries are situated. Whitehall is also used as a metonym for UK governmental administration as well as being a geographic name for the surrounding district.
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Whitehall. Whitehall is the name of a street in central London. It runs from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square. Many of the most important (British) government departments are
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whitehall: a wide street in London stretching from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament; the British civil service
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