What Is Wicker Made of?


A wicker is made of natural or manmade materials which include rattan, cane, and reed, paper rush and willow. The weaving pattern that is used produces the firm and sturdy wicker fabric which can be made into furniture.
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Wicker refers to a weaving technique used for cane, rattan, willow and other natural materials. Warps or vertical spokes are laid, and an under-and-over weaving pattern produces the
Wicker is hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material. Wicker is often made of material of plant origin, but plastic fibers are also used. Materials used can be any part of a plant
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What Is Wicker Made Out of?
Wicker furniture, baskets and home accessories can be made from a wide variety of materials. "Wicker" refers to the weaving method as opposed to the material, when referring to furniture, basketry or other items. Well cared for wicker items can be... More »
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