What Is Win32?


Win32 is a Windows API for developing 32-bit applications. It is built into Windows 95 and Windows NT so that applications that rely on the API can run equally well in both environments. It is also possible to run some Win32 applications under older 16-bit versions of windows by installing the Win32s runtime system.
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Win32 is the interface that applications use to communicate with the Windows operating systems. It's a very low-level interface, and programmers rarely use it directly any more.
Win 32 is the programming interface for all 32 bit Windows operating systems. Applications that are writting to Win 32 can effectively run in all operating systems with the exception of when there are OS-specific features that are unavailable in some programs.
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Win32 is a programming interface for windows 32 bit operating systems. This includes Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 versions.
Windows XP is an operating system developed and sold by the Microsoft Corporation. A service pack is a collection of operating system updates combined into a single downloadable and
Trojan.Win32 is a type of Trojan that runs quietly in the background without the computer user's knowledge. Usually the attacker uses the Trojan.Win32 to connect to a predetermined
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