What Is Windex?


Windex is a tool used to clean glass and hard surfaces. it was originally blue in colour but today has a variety of colours and fragrances.
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1. Wipe off the granite surface with a soft cloth. Spray the granite with an ammonia-free Windex cleaning product. Products that are ammonia free will usually state this on the front
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hydrochloric acid.
The ingredients in Windex are Isopropanol, 2-Butoxyethanol, Ethylene glycol
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About Windex
Windex is the name of a specific brand of window-cleaning product that is manufactured by S.C. Johnson & Son. It consists largely of ammonia, detergent and varying colors of dye. The Windex brand also includes cleaners for non-glass surfaces, although it... More »
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Windex is a commercial product used for cleaning glass and other harder surfaces. It was invented in 1933 by Harry R. Drackett and was a mixture of highly flammable solvents which had to be sold in metal cans.
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Swallowing Windex cleaner can have deadly effects. When you swallow Windex or similar cleaning solutions you may ingest ammonia, ethanol or other harmful chemicals ...
The PH Level of Windex is not a definite figure. It varies between a minimum 8.2 and a maximum 10. Once it reaches 10, its turns blue upon using an indicator, ...
The MSDS or material safety data sheet for Windex glass cleaner includes various aspects of the product including what to do in case of skin contact,its ignition ...
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