What Is Wrong with a Washing Machine When It Just Stops in the Middle of a Cycle?


The timer, a belt from under neath the washer, off balance to much on one side.Or you may need to contact a repair man and ask him about your problem. It could be just something simple.
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Without knowing the brand and model its kinda hard to tell you what could be wrong. But a couple of things it could be are the lid switch (if a washer doesn't know the lid is down
This typically indicates slow drain condition. Check for any clogs or kinks in the drain line. Also check that the pump is not clogged and that no pump impeller blades are missing
Sounds like the motor is burnt need to replace the the motor or the washer you could also have fabric caught under the agitator
Mine would drain and never spin and the tech said the clutches were messed up in the transmission or something serious like that. It is almost always cheaper to get a new one. I changed
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