What is wrong with singer Gabrielle's eye?


The British singer Gabrielle wears an eye patch over one of her eyes because a dead muscle made the eyelid on it droop. After corrective surgery, she was left with a foreshortened lid that makes her eye look deep set.

On stage, the singer wears an eye patch from the world-famous crystal company Swarovski. She is most famous for releasing the single "Dreams" in 1993. After the success of this song, she has had a difficult time dealing with the press and talking about the condition of her eye. Now, at almost 40 years old, the singer is more confident in her own skin and embraces her eye as part of her act.

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Gabrielle has. ptosis. the drooping of one eyelid, which she has concealed by wearing sunglasses, a heavy fringe or an eye-patch throughout her career. Louisa Gabrielle Bobb is one
British singer Gabrielle has appeared as a guest on many television shows throughout her career. Most recently she appeared on Loose Women. She has guested on the show three times
Gabrielle's right eye has a drooped lid. For more info , check her biography here : http://www.poemhunter.com/lyrics/gabriel…. Source(s) http://www.poemhunter.com/lyrics/gabriel
She has (or had) a fairly minor problem with her covered eye, something like a lazy eye that was MORE conspicuous than the patch. The idea was to cover it until it was corrected;
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