What Is Xylol?


Xylol is a solvent. It is a type of xylene. It is a petrochemical product and it is flammable. There are many uses for Xylol, such as thinning paints and cleaning.
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any of three oily, colorless, water-insoluble, flammable, toxic, isomeric liquids, C8H10, of the benzene series, obtained mostly from coal tar: used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes.
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Xylol (more correct is xylene) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C. 8. H. 10. Xylene has many applications in the chemical industry and in the laboratory.
=Xylene. Solvent. Used as an inhalant by idiots. Used in many labs to solve various things. Also used in some inkpens.Toxic, nasty smelling, goes through your skin so remember those
( ′məsk ′zī′löl ) (organic chemistry) (NO2)3C6(CH3)2C(CH3)3 White to yellow crystals with powerful musk aroma; soluble in various oils and phthalates
Xylol is a solvent used in the printing, leather, and rubber industries. It is also
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There is no difference between Xylene and Xylol. Xylene is the brand-name of the chemical xylol. Both are petrochemical solvents and chemically identical. ...
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