What is Yaki hair?


Yaki is simply hair that has a similar texture with Afro-Caribbean or African American hair. It has four main varieties namely; silky, kinky, coarse and regular Yaki. Yaki hair is widely used in the making of wigs, extensions, weaves and hairpieces.
Q&A Related to "What is Yaki hair?"
Yaki hair comes from the yak, a cousin of the domestic cow. It has long shaggy hair that is shaved and gathered into the weave. Some african-American prefer it a: because its cheaper
Yaki straight is Indian Remy Hair that has been processed to resemble an African American permed texture. This hair texture is very popular among African American women who want a
Teppanyaki is a way of cooking as teppan indicates an iron pan, and yaki indicates grilling in
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