What is your 30th wedding anniversary called?


A 30th wedding anniversary may be referred to as a pearl anniversary or as a trigentennial anniversary. Pearl refers to the traditional type of gift that should be exchanged between partners to commemorate the anniversary.

According to traditional gift giving, a fifth wedding anniversary is referred to as the wooden anniversary, a 10th anniversary is tin, a 20th anniversary is china, a 40th anniversary is ruby, a 50th anniversary is golden and a 60th anniversary is diamond.

In terms of names that represent the numbers, a fifth anniversary is a quinquennial, a 10th anniversary is a decennial, a 20th anniversary is a vigintennial, a 40th anniversary is a quadragennial, a 50th anniversary is a semicentennial or quinquagenary and a 60th anniversary is a sexagennial.

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A 30th Wedding Anniversary is referred to as a Pearl Anniversary. It is called so because most of the gifts that are given in this anniversary are traditionally ...
The symbol for 30th wedding anniversary is a pearl and diamond. These symbols define elegance and invincible unity. Each year that a wedding took place has is ...
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