What is your example of "world class" customer service?

What does 'world class' customer service entail?


Jeeva Rangaraju
The one that makes the customer buy rather than you selling!
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Mark Hornung (Senior Vice President, Strategy, Bernard Hodes Group)
Where the customer is delighted and surprised by the experience. Ritz-Carlton is often used as an example, and rightly so. One stormy winter's night my boss and I checked into the Ritz in downtown Cleveland after many flight delays. We were tired, hungry and cold. It was 11:30 PM. We asked the desk clerk if the restaurant was still open. It closed at 11:00, but clerk got to the chef before he left for the night and got him to make us both hamburgers delivered to our rooms. THAT's world-class. To do it consistently, you have to understand your customers, their needs and empathize with them. Your organization must empower employees to solve customers' issues rather than annoy them with multiple questions or referring them to a supervisor. Ritz-Carlton offers training in their way of customer service. Highly recommended. After our experience in Cleveland, we signed up our whole company to take it.
Rosanne Dausilio PhD (President, Human Technologies Global Inc)
To me world class customer service means I am treated with dignity and respect, listened to, and the person I'm speaking with is professional, has knowledge of the product and/or service, is empowered to help me or resolve my issue in that one conversation, and leaves me not only satisfied but loyal to the company.
Emily Zhang

I think the best class of the customer service would be 1) give rich information regarding the products; 2) have professional selling behaviour and quicly build trust with the consumer; 3) give consumer enough flexibility and space to select the products; 4) reasonable motivate the consumer to make their purchase decision; 5) provide excellent customer service after the consumer purchase.

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Jim Rohrer (Managing Partner, The Loyalty Partners)
Modern product…Old fashioned concern for the customer

An Evergreen,CO company, EVCO High Speed, may be selling a modern product, high speed internet service, but its approach to serving customers is refreshingly old fashioned.

Internet service providers like EVCO High Speed face a difficult process when something goes wrong and a customer can’t access the internet and their e-mail. The problem can be a network problem with the provider’s network. Of course if there are no network problems, the provider can cross that off the list of possible problems. But still on the list are the possibility that the customer has a computer problem, the wireless connection is not working, something in the phone system or home wiring is amiss, and the old stand-by……….. Operator error.

Most internet service providers have processes that are designed to prove to the customer that whatever is wrong is not the company's problem. This, of course, leaves the customer confused and usually without a clue how to get their system working again. Isn’t it fun when two suppliers point to the other while saying, “It’s not our problem?”

Here’s where EVCO High Speed is so different. They take the point of view that if their customer can’t use their product, EVCO owns the problem. They jump in and utilize their expertise to find the problem, wherever it lies. If they have to involve the phone company they do so. Over the years EVCO High Speed has helped me with operator error problems, computer problems and internal wiring problems. They always help me and do so with a smile, careful to not make me feel stupid, even when that would be appropriate.

I admit it. I’m a loyal customer, and plan to remain one. I also admit that even in my work I am always on the lookout for great companies who earn their customer’s loyalty.

This company has grown and prospered despite having to compete with the phone company's much better financed operation. The secret...world class service.

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