What is "Zarzuela"?


Zarzuela refers to the title which is given to a musical-comedy or Spanish operetta. It originated in the 17th century and it represents Spain's role in the lyric theatre. It is a patchwork, which is of classical arias, dance, common songs and oral passages.
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Zarzuela's beginnings were during King Felipe IV's reign. King Felipe IV and his court would attend the Real Sitio del Pardo which was called "La Zarzuela." The name originated
A traditional spanish type of operetta. is a little stage play heheheh
Zarzuela is a restaurant in California. 2000 Hyde St San Francisco, CA 94109-1718 Phone: (415)
2000 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA, 94109
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Zarzuela is a Spanish musical theatrical performance that mixes elements of opera, dance and popular music. This genre started in Spain but later on it spread to Latin American countries.
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