What Is Zero Gravity?


Zero gravity is a non scientific definition of a phenomena involving little of no acceleration of objects defining pure free fall. In science, gravity is said to exist in any space where two quantities of matter exist side by side.
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n. The condition of apparent weightlessness occurring when the centrifugal force on a body exactly counterbalances the gravitational attraction on it.
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zero gravity
the condition in which the apparent effect of gravity is zero, as in the case of a body in free fall or in orbit.
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Zero gravity is the absence of gravity. On Earth, gravity is all around us and makes sure that our feet stay on the ground. In space, however, there is absolutely no gravity so astronauts simply float around.
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NASA does not have a zero gravity room since total lack of gravity is not possible. What NASA has is the Zero Gravity Research Facility where microgravity effects ...
Microgravity affects the human body as people become weightless. Astronauts and objects can typically float. Another name for microgravity is 'zero gravity'. ...
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