What is ZMA?


ZMA (Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) is a synergetic supplement used by bodybuilders and athletes. ZMA is a blend of two minerals, zinc and magnesium, and a vitamin, Vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine. Research shows that ZMA results in 43.7% higher testosterone levels and 25% greater IGF-1 levels.
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Magnesium is used by the body to convert food into energy. It is also used by the body to help in the absorption of calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. According to the website
None as far as I know. I, and many close friends have used it long-term without a single problem, along with professional athletes and phd-holding researchers and bodybuilders. It's
ZMA is a popular new supplement that claims to increase anabolic hormones and strength in athletes.
Zinc-Magnesium Aspartate (nutrition supplement)
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What Are the Benefits of ZMA?
ZMA is a supplement that is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. It is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Bodybuilders tout the supplement for its reported ability to increase strength and because muscle endurance declines when there... More »
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ZMA stands for Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate. It is a dietary supplement that is used by body builders and athletes to develop muscles faster.
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