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Zooplankton are the small animals found near the surface in aquatic environments such as lakes and seas. Just like phytoplankton, they are normally weak swimmers and usually drift along with the currents. Examples of zooplankton include jellyfish and juvenile fish.
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"Zooplankton" refers to small aquatic animals. The "zoo-" prefix refers to animals, as in zoology, and zoo (which is short for "zoological garden".
1. Cut netting out of an old tennis or badminton racquet. Or, an inexpensive plastic toy racquet will work as the handle for your plankton net. It should be about 20 to 25 inches
( ¦zō·ə′plaŋk·tən ) (ecology) Microscopic animals which move passively in aquatic ecosystems.
Zooplankton are microscopic invertebrate animals that swim or drift in water. They are at the
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the aggregate of animal or animallike organisms in plankton, as protozoans.
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Zooplankton are the tiny microscopic animals that live in the water. They are comprised of three main groups; rotifers, copepods, and cladocerans.
Zooplankton is a type of plankton. In the food chain it's number two. Some fitting in this number two spot is crustaceans, snails and jelly fish. You can find more information here: http://www.fisheries.is/ecosystem/marine-life/zooplankton/
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Zooplankton are tiny animals that look like shrimp. Despite their size, they are a major part of the oceanic ecosystem. Because they are so small, they are at ...
There are classification of zooplankton which is divided up by size. From smallest to largest the classifications are: picoplakton, nanoplakton, microplankton, ...
The main difference between zooplankton and phytoplankton is that zooplankton is an animal, while phytoplankton is a plant. Fish and krill are examples of zooplankton ...
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