What Keeps Lizards Away?


One of the best deterrents you can do to keep lizards away from your home is to place moth balls around your property line. You can also get a cat, if you don't already have one.
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Cats will keep lizards away by disposing of every lizard they see, just as they do with mice. Before you get rid of your lizards, however, remember that they keep insects away.
1. Clean outside the house. Cut down any high grass or weeds that the lizards hide in. Clean any trash and debris from the yard. Get rid of any standing water. Keep the yard clean
Machyam, if you have no peacocks feather sources or peacocks aren't natural predators in your neighborhood, perhaps you might want to try a commercial product. (I wonder if I could
1-keep some birds as pets as lizards r a prey of some birds. 2-keep empty eggshells where u see them most. 3-try to reduce no. of insects in ur house as lizards' main prey is insects
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