What Kind of Animals Live in Trees?


There are many animals that live in trees, such as the following: squirrels, birds, and monkeys. Trees are safe places for the animals to protect themselves from preying predators on the ground.
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Arboreal animals live in trees. Some arboreal animals are: Squirrels Koalas Monkeys
There are many animals that live in trees, such as birds, spider monkeys,
Over 250 different species of birds, Black Hippos,Manatee, Crocodiles, Tortoises, Over 200 fish species, Elephants,Gorillas, and mosquitoes and gnats. Thats just some.
a duck.
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Some examples of animals that live in trees include: green tree pythons, spotted owls, flying lemurs, spider monkeys, tree kangaroos, koalas, and orangutans.
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