What Kind of Bird Is a Seahawk?


The sea hawk belongs to a group of birds called Osprey. It is a very huge bird with long wings that preys on fish and other small animals. they are found in all parts of the world except for the Antarctic. You can find more information here: http://10000birds.com/seahawk.htm
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The best way to identify a bird is to know what birds are usually found in your area. Most birds can be identified by their colo
Seahawk is another name for an Osprey :
A seahawk is one of many nicknames for the Osprey. It is a large, long-winged bird of prey.
The tufted titmouse is a small songbird that lives throughout the eastern half of the United States. This gray bird with a small crest on its head will occupy a birdhouse or nest
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What kind of bird is a Seahawk?
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A sea hawk, or seahawk, is a real bird. The sea hawk is more commonly known as the osprey. The osprey bird is also known as a fish hawk or fish eagle. ...
Yes actually there is such thing as Sea hawk, it's other name is an Osprey, which is a large bird of prey that eats fish. It has a two foot long wingspan and ihas ...
The mockingbird is a kind of bird that chirps and is active at night. Another common one is the whippoorwill, which continuously calls out at night. ...
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