What Kind of Charge Does a Neutron Have?


A neutron does not have any type of charge; it is neutral. A proton has a positive charge, and an electron has a negative charge. Protons and neutrons are found in the nucleus of the atom, and electrons surround the nucleus in electron clouds.
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Neutron has possible the easiest charge to remember, Neutron = Neutral hence the name! In comparison Protons have a positive and electrons a negative charge. The easiest way to remember it is N for Neutral P for Positive and then the odd one out, E for Negative.
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Protons are the positively charged particles of an atom, electrons are the negatively charged particles while neutrons have no charge. All these together make ...
A neutron is a subatomic particle. They are usually found in atomic nuclei. It is a particle that has no charge. It's mass is slightly greater than a proton. ...
A neutron is a particle in an atom that has no charge. An electron is a particle in an atom that has a negative charge. A proton is a particle in an atom that ...
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