What Kind of Clothes Do Chinese People Wear?


The Chinese wear three main types of clothing namely: the pien-fu, the ch'ang-p'ao, and the shen-i. The pien-fu is an ancient two-piece costume of a tunic-like top extending to the knees and a skirt or trousers extending to the ankles. The ch'ang-p'ao is a one-piece garment extending from the shoulders all the way to the heels and finally the shen-i is a cross between the pien-fu and the ch'ang-p'ao.
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What Kind of Clothing Do the Chinese Wear?
The Chinese culture has a long history in artistic and sophisticated fashions. Archeological finds indicate that decorative clothing and particular attention to colors of clothes were in vogue centuries ago. Symbolic meaning, fabrics and fabric designs... More »
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Chinese people normally wear tunics. Women wear long tunics down to the ground. Men wear short tunic till knee length.
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Pretty much everyone in China wore tunics and the women's went to the ground. Men of the ancient Chinese time would wear shorter clothing like tunics that hit ...
Pioneers made their own clothes from available materials. Women and girls wore long dresses made of wool or sometimes calico. Clothing was usually plain and dark ...
Chinese clothing is one of the most unique elements of the mysterious Chinese culture. Chinese clothing history reveals the tunic to be the most popular type of ...
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